Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I've returned to your web site and am unable to verify ppm on any of the wines. Am I missing where it is listed? If I do order, it will be on occasion not on a monthly basis.
You are not missing anything. I have simply stated a ballpark figure for the wines in the Sulfites section (30 to 60 for the reds, 60 to 80 for the whites, 100 for sparkling).
Beyond that, tracking sulfites levels in each bottle is a major headache, knowing that they change virtually at each new bottling, not just each vintage! And the difference are significant in numbers though insignificant in my view as an indication for you. Why? Because they measure the Total sulfites and never the active part which is the one protecting the wine and at the same time potentially harmful. This you never get. Therefore you can have a high total sulfites number with low active part and the reverse. In reality there is little information that can be derived from looking at the number only. Knowing that organic growers have a maximum allowed of 100ppm and that they thrive to stay well below is enough. Then it is your own reaction to the particular wine because there are literally hundreds of components in a wine that effect the way sulfites are absorbed. It is a very complex chemical interaction that no measurement will be able to analyze better than your own body.

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