Monday, October 13, 2008

Dear Michel,

the most recent order was shipped and received promptly. I wish there were a way to reuse that beautiful packing material and not waste it, but I can't see how.

There is a problem this time: The first bottle I opened was a Bousquette '03, and it is bad. I think the cork must have been bad as it is like vinegar. The second bottle is drinkable, but it isn't as good as I remember from before, like it is starting to go off. I guess I have to make my way through this case and see how the others are.

Dear Herbert,

Just keep track of the number of bad bottles and next time we will replace them with the new vintage. Remember our unconditional guarantee! It seems that this 2003 did not last as much which in a sense was expected due to the scorching temperatures of that year. But it may also be a cork problem. Vintners and particularly organic winemakers are caught between going natural with the usual natural corks which, because of the high demand tend to create problems no matter the price you put on them (mind you, they range from a few cents to a dollar a piece!) and going with other modern closures (screw caps, synthetic and reconstituted corks etc), which encounter resistance in the public and worries about their innocuity. A never ending problem!

Best to you

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