Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I recently opened 2 bottles out of a shipment of 6 bottles of French Didier wine and it was bad.
I have not opened the other 4 bottles but expect the same problem. My other Didier wine that I
had previously ordered from you is fine. Please tell me what to do in order to get a refund or return of these 6 bottles. I would like to continue to order this wine or similar sulfite free wines but worry that it does not ship well or have a long "shelf" life. Please advise.

Jim W.
Hi Jim,

There is no telling what will come out of the other 4 bottles unless you open them! Since I don't know what can be the problem on the first 2 that is impossible to guess. Corks come all mixed up in big bags and therefore cannot be just bad in a given case (unless the whole 1,000 or 10,000 are bad for instance which may also happen!). One could imagine that some shipments have encountered more heat than others which might explain the situation. In any case it would be silly to return these bottles: either they are good and you can enjoy them or they are bad and you can throw them out just as well as we can and without paying a second shipping charge! So try them out and we will resend or refund you the number of bad bottles, it's that simple!

This wine will be discontinued not because it's bad (because it has been exceptionally good for an NSA wine) but because the wine maker is dead! We have only a few cases left of it so grab what you can since we guarantee it anyway. NSA wines are certainly more prone to turning bad than sulfited wines and that's the whole problem. And what happens when they do? Well, it's a financial disaster! As you mention you worry about their shelf life. Imagine when you have a container load! That is why we stick to wines with a reasonable protection with a low amount of sulfites, that's the best of both worlds.

Dr Mic

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