Sunday, November 02, 2008

I was looking at your organic wines and could only find two bottles and both looked like red wine, but from the testimonies from people it sounded like you had some white wines, where might I find them?
thank you
You were at the right place! Unfortunately the white wine we had was a Muscadet and the producer had an horrible 2007 season so simply did not make any last year. I will see if there is any hope for 2008.
NSA (No AddedSulfites) wines are rare, usually expensive, not always good and particularly dangerous (for us) to handle since when they turn bad we are the ones holding the bag and taking responsibility for the loss. Too late to complain to the producer since we are supposed to know what we are doing when we buy them!
All in all a very risky business for the sake of a product we don't particularly feel is necessary or justified. Indeed it is an extremely rare individual (I would say a few per million) who cannot drink our "regular" organically grown wines which carry only a limited amount of sulfites. Even my sister who is highly sensitive to anything looking like a chemical drinks them every day of her life without ever a problem. This explains the paucity of our offer. Importing them involves high risk and the domestic ones you can find are frankly not that drinkable!
So for now you have to give a try to our regular white wines and go on trust! If they don't agree with you I will gladly refund your purchase!


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