Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Did you stop carrying the larger bottle of the Cartagene Andre Bourguet?
I am able to find it on the Internet in the larger bottle but the different sites take me back to you and then I can't find it on you site.
I just love this wine, is there another wine that you could recommend in the same category with the similar sweetness? I don't care for dry or bitter wines. The Cartagene is the best..

Please let me know.

Thank You,

Indeed the new packaging is in 500 ml. It's the same wine, different vintage. The large bottles are simply less appealing and most dessert wines are sold in 500 ml size.

My friend André would be happy to hear you comment his wine! I sell very little of it but have always kept it because I think it is such a unique product.
Now that you mention the difference, on one of my orders I ordered for one large bottle and one small. I noticed a slight difference in taste, but I just thought it was me and I do agree the smaller bottle was better than the larger version.
Tell your friend Andre that I have never been a wine drinker much less a drinker of any kind.
I just had never acquired the taste for alcohol, but I am truly in love with this wine.
I look forward to my evening glass everyday.
If you have any other recommendations of another wine with the same exquisite sweetness and smoothness just let me know, I am willing to try another.
I will be placing my order this evening for another case of the "Cartagene".

Thank You Again,

Well, the 500 ml were made with a different vintage so the wine is a bit different in color, less deposit too, different blend. This is not an industrial production!
It surely is a delight and you can surprise anyone with it!
In our line the Port would be the closest thing even though less sweet, more tart maybe more sophisticated in taste when the Cartagene is closer to the fruit juice.

Another delight is the Moscato d'Asti, light bubbles, high sweetness, delicacy in taste if you know the Muscat grape. The main problem with it, since it is only 5% alcohol, I can drink the whole bottle by myself without feeling any need to share it with anyone!
Finally if you look towards more "real" wines, the Gewurztraminer is the sweetest wine we have, very elegant, refined, a masterpiece!

Glad you're enjoying your glass!

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