Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dear Michel,
My husband Danny recently purchased a case of 12 assorted red bottles of wine.
Unfortunately one of the three bottles of Savignac Merlot was spoiled. The top of the wine bottle was sticky when we removed the foil and the cork looks as though wine has leaked through. We have not opened the bottle. What should we do?
Thank you

Dear Fionna,

For some reason this has been happening with the Savignac. Sometimes it has to do with the temperature or weather conditions at the time of bottling or other factors difficult to comprehend. The thing to watch is the level of wine in the bottle. If there one inch of air under the cork, then the wine that has run out might have been in excess and pushed out by dilatation. The wine could still be good and it’s worth opening. If it does not smell good it’s an easy diagnostic!

If there is a significant loss of liquid, the cork is likely the culprit and too much air has come inside the bottle with an assured disastrous effect on the wine itself. Well sometimes it can turn into a good vinegar so it’s always worth checking!

Let me know if the wine is undrinkable and I will refund you on your previous order or add a bottle to your next one, your choice.

Dr Mic

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