Thursday, March 27, 2008

I am seriously allergic to eggs and milk and have found that many wines are treated with the aforementioned- they make me ill. Are your wines so treated?- I would appreciate your honesty in a response? I so would love to go back to a glass of good wine per day.


You will find in the Vegan wines section wines made without any animal products which should eliminate all potential risk for you.

Even though an allergy sufferer needs a minute amount of a product to trigger a reaction I doubt very much though that the amount of egg white or milk found in a wine could be responsible for such a reaction. Albumin or casein may be used to clarify red wines but they do not become part of the wine. They are added in small quantities, taken out and then filtered out! The possibility of residue on the wine is close to zero. But since we offer a reasonable choice of vegan wines you will be safe starting with those!

At your service

Dr Mic


jennconspiracy said...

Do you have a wine club for vegan wines? I'd love to join but don't see any details about the selections...

Michel & Veronique said...

No specific Vegan wine Club, sorry! A good number of our wines are vegan but it would be a headache to make a separate selection each month. The best way is for you to make your own at this point.