Friday, April 18, 2008

Subject: Château Véronique

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FYI you cannot write "estate bottled" if it is a "Mis en Bouteille à la propriété", it is a consumer confusion. "Estate Bottled = mis en bouteille au château".

PS: You can send me a case for my advice:-)!
Thank you Stephane! I would be interested to know the official text where you read that information. To my knowledge there is no legal difference between the 2 in French. It can be a winery with or without a Château or a family property. The legal information this is carrying is that the wine has been bottled on the premises where it was made and not carried in a container to a different facility, rented or otherwise, used for the bottling process. The idea is that carrying the wine elsewhere exposes it to further physical stress and increases potential exposure to contaminants or mistakes or even frauds.
Estate bottled means that the wine maker assumed the complete responsibility of the wine from the vine to the bottle and implies a guarantee of quality and origin. The fact that there is or not a building that one can call a Château is irrelevant to the quality and therefore not misleading the consumer. Finally there is about 10 times more labels with the term Château than there is actual buildings in the properties! And my information is probably dated!
Most Bordeaux properties for instance use several Château names as brand names for different quality levels whereas there is only One "Château" to speak of!


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