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I just turned 21. I am not a heavy drinker, but wine every now and then is very relaxing. My teeth are overly sensitive meaning that I don't eat sugar. Sugar-free and diet everything. I have heard distinctions between sulfite-free and organic wine. Your website is very helpful. I have asked this question to many people that told me organic "is" sulfite-free, but it's not. I don't know when fermentation is or S02. Bottom-line......I need to know of wine(s) that are very very low in sugar. No one else has responded to my emails, so maybe they don't know the answer. I hope you reply to me with some help. I am in need of it. I don't trust most of what I read on the net or hear from others. How much sugar is in wine? Also, can I get any decent tasting wine that is sugarless or very low in sugar?

Thank you for your time

Hi Adam,

Sorry to hear about your difficulties. I hope you find a way to balance your body that would be more permanent and less annoying. I am pretty sure there are natural ways to help you achieve that and I can point to a few if you need.
As far as wine is concerned you should know that, unless a wine is left intentionally unfinished to keep some sweetness to it, a finished wine is "dry", meaning it contains less than 3 to 4 grams per liter of sugar (and it is fructose). In most cases and certainly in the wines we carry, the analysis finds less than 1 g/l, almost undetectable! Therefore sugar in itself should not be a concern to you. Most people are wary of the alcohol content that gets transformed in the liver and has obvious and well known detrimental effects when taken in abundance, since the liver has the capacity to handle a few grams a day just like it does with meats. Always a question of balance!
As far as labeling is concerned, unfortunately the FDA has ruled to label Organic only the wines without SO2 (sulfites) added and therefore under 10ppm.
This is the source of a lot of confusion because most 'organic' wines are made with the addition of SO2 therefore the world of official Organic Wines is restricted to a half dozen products that usually do not respond to people's expectations, not to say worse things about them!
The reality is that the bulk of organically grown wines which are made with some addition of SO2 are perfectly assimilated by even a sensitive organism and that nobody except the seriously ill should have concerns with them in reasonable amounts.
Needless to say you can certainly find better than decent wines in our portfolio of 50+ wines!
All the best
Dr Mic

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