Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Do you sell red wine in small bottles? I am looking for smaller bottles because I plan to use the wine as a daily medicine. It has been pointed out to me that the resveratrol in wine evaporates or oxidizes quickly after opening.. and this is the substance I'm after. I have been treating breast cancer naturally for three years with good results and would like to add this to my regimen. Thanks, Victoria

Hi Victoria,

We have no small bottles available at the moment. However there is an easy way around your request: purchase a $10 canister of neutral gas (Nitrogen) sold in wine shops to preserve wine. This is the gas also used in big wineries when they have open or unfilled casks. 2 or 3 whiffs of gas in the bottle after usage will preserve the wine almost indefinitely and avoid spoiling or losing any of it. Under the gas there is no oxidation possible therefore the degradation of resveratrol will be kept to a minimum.

Dr Mic


Roger Day said...

Regarding Resveratrol, the clinical trials involved 500mg a day ... which is equivalent to over 200 glasses of red wine. A Resveratrol capsule might be easier on the liver! The only full-dosage product is at www.biotivia.com (declaration: I work with Biotivia)

Michel & Veronique said...

Interesting comment! I have not verified the claim about the product but Pure Prescriptions is also a good source for it.
A clinical trial by definition works with an isolated component. While this approach makes scientific sense to be able to pinpoint the effects of a substance with precision it also ignores a major point which is that chemical products always work synergistically with others. In real life the doses needed are much smaller because the substance is helped and potentialized by dozens or possibly hundreds of others. This is precisely the danger of believing in ONE isolated component. It may be the active one but nevertheless needs many others to be absorbed and metabolized.
Ignore this and you can create new imbalances while believing you’re doing good to your body!
Dr Mic