Friday, December 29, 2006

Sulfites Allergy and Diabetes


I am trying to obtain as much information as I can in reference to organic wine and sulfites. I am a diabetic and I am also allergic to sulfites. I have not been able to get any sound information on the subject. I would like to know if organic wine has any of it's own natural sulfites. It would be great to have an occasional glass of wine but I am afraid to attempt it until I can get a better definition about the sulfites. I am allergic to sulfur in medication which is how I found out that was my problem with having alcoholic drinks. I look forward to hearing from you. And thank you for your time.


Hi there,

You can find some information on sulfites in our own website
or in the attachment provided. Other organic wine websites provide useful information too if you search through Google.
It's all a matter of balance and sensitivity so it is impossible to know in advance what can be your response but I know from experience that most of the sensitive people who contact us and try our wines are very happy to discover that they can enjoy them without any negative side effects.
In most cases, other less known or talked about chemicals are involved. Our wines still use a certain amount of sulfites for stability but in such dosage and balance that they are perfectly accepted. I can only wish it would be the same experience for you! You need to give it a (prudent) try!

2007 could then be indeed a very Happy New Year!

Dr Mic

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