Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Please make wine without alcohol in it. The type of alcohol is Ethanol and is a carcinogen. It causes cancer. It destroys good bacteria and enzymes in the digestive tract. It is addictive and does not promote a healthy lifestyle. While there are great qualities about wine, leave the ethanol out of it. It can be done.

Hello David,

Thank you for your concern. First of all, even though I have been a winemaker myself, I am not involved in that part any longer. Secondly, there have been numerous attempts to make wine without alcohol, which actually means that it has to be taken out at the end of the process since there would be no wine without alcohol! The results have been consistently bad apart from one notable exception, giving people no incentive to explore the idea further. Lastly, your note on ethanol probably refers to studies made on the isolated product, ignoring the fact that there are hundreds of components in a wine that act in synergy and allow its digestion by normally healthy people provided that the quantities involve do not exceed those that the digestive tract can process per unit of time. Same thing applies with animal products, fats etc. Long term studies on large groups of people have shown the positive effects on overall health of the regular consumption of small quantities of wines by men and women alike (1 to 2 glasses per day depending of body mass).
Beware of scientific conclusions drawn from one study to another field without considering the context! In this example a few thousands of years of experience with a product have more weight than a study on an isolated part of it.

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