Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Dear Michel,

We have been traveling quite a bit lately and leave for France next week but I have been intending to write to let you know that I've tried only the Janiny Merlot 2004. I opened it at home one evening last week, poured out a glass and then put the cork back in and enjoyed very much the one glass. Then two days later we went to our friends' house for dinner and I took my opened bottle. Wow! It was very good when I first opened it but after the two days it was truly quite special. It rounded out beautifully with a rich fullness it had gained from, I'm surmising, being opened and doing some breathing during those couple of days?? Anyway, I absolutely loved it. This time I'm going to keep a record of the wines I really like so when it comes time to re-order, I'll get my favorites.

When we go through all of the other wines (which is quite a challenge), I would love to fill the wine room with plenty of organic wines to be able to introduce my friends to how delicious they are.

Kindest regards,

Hi Sherrill,

I am sure glad that you had a more positive experience with the second wine, the way it should be! Indeed it is quite interesting to see how a wine holds and evolves over a couple of days. Surprisingly, organic wines are much sturdier than one might expect and actually oftentimes outlive their conventional counterparts! It is quite exciting to hear that kind of experience and I hope you'll have more like that!

Best regards and happy French travel!

Dr Michel Ginoulhac

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