Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank you for your education bit on sulfites and organic wine. I was wondering if you thought that the labeling requirements were appropriate for organic wine. Meaning, when organic grapes have sulfites added to the wine, they cannot bear the USDA organic, the bottle can only say "made with organic grapes." Do you think this is reasonable? Or should sulfites not be part of the organic labeling requirements, when the FDA already requires the wine to label if it contains added sulfites. I would greatly appreciate you thoughts on this issue!!


Obviously I would prefer myself to have the right to use the organic label for wines with limited added sulfites. I think the public as a whole is losing greatly because this labeling fragments a little more the market in subdivisions that have almost no relevance. One could still put forward the non usage if that was the case but to ostracize 97% of organically grown wines because of that is punitive to the growers and ultimately to the public, in my opinion. Unfortunately it is of little weight!

Dr Mic

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cyoung35 said...

I agree somewhat however when my wife drank a glass of wine that almost made her air passage close up because of the added sulfites it is nice to know that the lower the ppm of sulfites the better. At this point we stay away from all wines with any added sulfites, so to have them regulate it the way they do is ok with me. We all have a choice and the more informed we are of the process used the better decision we can make.