Sunday, January 04, 2009

I would like to order wines that have NO added sulfites or yeasts. I have many allergies to things like eggs, corn, soy, yeast, wheat. I drink wine occasionally and LOVE it. I do notice tho that most wines give me real headaches and uck feeling. Do you have any available that are 100% organic, not just organic grapes? I look forward to hearing from you. I look forward to finding great wines to drink in 2009.

Also, my son likes reds, I have drank mostly whites, like pino grigiot- my uncle brought one to me that had the most buttery after taste, which has to do with the oak? I donʼt know. But then my son brought us over some Chilean wines, two dif kinds and wow. One was too spicy but the other had some punch but not overwhelming, so now I think I need to look into reds as well. So I will be learning as we go. Just no sulfites or yeast added, is that possible?
Thanks, Joann
Hi Joann,

Thank you for contacting us. Your concern is one that I hear everyday. If you take the time to read my pages on sulfites and on vegan wines you will see the difficulties of finding wines without sulfites.
You can easily find wines that have had no contact with albumin in the vegan section. In reality there is none left in the wines because of the tight filtration that is used for bottling anyway. This process also eliminates any residual yeast. It is impossible however to make wine without yeasts, be they naturally present or added, just as it is impossible to make yogurt without them! And there is no difference between the 2, it is just a selection of strains, just like you can make yogurt by chance, hoping that the right kind of ferment will be naturally present or add one which you already know. If you’re lucky you might get a fabulous result, if not, well…

On the other hand to import wines without sulfites is extremely risky and not worth the effort. Your reactions have 99% probability to be caused by other things, namely residues of pesticides or other chemicals. I have had thousands of sensitive people over the years completely satisfied with the level of quality that we provide. My sister actually got into this because of her extreme sensitivity to anything chemical and she is a very good “guinea pig”!

Bottom line, I will refund you if after trying any of our wines you do not feel just fine, that’s all I can say. Trying is the only way to know for yourself. However if you insist on finding 100% organic you will need to turn toward the handful of domestic producers who can provide them: Frey, Organic Works, China Bend, Badger Mountain (probably the best one). However their taste will make you understand why everybody else uses sulfites!

If you were truly allergic to sulfites it would be safer to drink red wines since there is always a higher content in white wines! In reality my own experience has shown that was not the issue with sensitive people. But you can only trust your own physiology!


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