Sunday, December 21, 2008


I've ordered wine a couple times from your site and particularly enjoyed the 2004 Coteaux du Languedoc Domaine Didier (no-added-sulfites red wine). I just went on to try to re-order some, but couldn't seem to find it anywhere on your site. Are you no longer carrying it, or is it just temporarily out-of-stock? Thanks for your help.

Hi Shannon,

Unfortunately our good friend Didier died from a ruptured aneurism earlier this year and his wife could not follow in his footsteps. There won’t be anymore Didier wine!

It was indeed exceptional by many aspects and I doubt very much to find anything comparable. No added SO2 wines are generally not that great and when they are their price is also high. Add to that the high risk of importing such wines and you will understand why I am very cautious with them!

Château Véronique is one of the closest wines (or Bousquette) we have.
Sorry about that
Dr Mic

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