Tuesday, December 09, 2008

hello, I was reading about your company and want to ask one question
before I place my order.
I drink wine on occasion. Two sips is the perfect digestive aid for
me. So, I tend to pour much wine down the drain as the bottle goes bad
before I finish it. A friend suggested port as it has a long shelf
life. Is this true? If so, I will order your organic port. Thank you
for your time
Certainly! Port can be kept for a long time as well as Cartagene (which is much sweeter though), the bottle standing and corked in a fresh place (but not fridge necessarily).
However if you enjoy red wines ours can last up to a week without much difficulty. If you get one of these stoppers where you can pull the air out you extend their life quite a bit. That's what I use when I have opened many bottles for a tasting. Other option: a bomb of neutral gas (nitrogen) that protects from oxygen with the same result of life extension (used in wine bars)

Dr Mic

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