Thursday, December 20, 2007

I recently purchased an organic vegan no sulfite wine from your business. I received the wine a few days ago,tried it and was very,very unhappy with the flavor. I'm sorry to say that I think there might've been an error when the wine was produced because it tasted like bad vinegar and neither me or my guests could finish a glass of it.Please discontinue to sell this wine to
customers until the problem is resolved.

Thank you/Angela

Hi Angela,

I am sad to hear your story but I am happy to report that it is an extremely rare occurrence. As any "alive" product, wine can also "die". Trying to answer consumer's request for no added sulfites in the wine is a real technical challenge! Particularly for wines that come all the way from France and then travel back across the USA.
Sulfites are not put into wines for pleasure but precisely to prevent the kind of accident you were the victim of. This particular product is in fact remarkably made but being without sulfites is like being naked in the winter, a demanding situation!

While we have ourselves drunk cases of this particular wine (Didier) without finding any bad one it is certainly possible and even to be expected to find occasionally one that has turned bad. It is our policy to satisfy the customer and we will be happy to send you a replacement. If the problem persists, either you have really bad luck or we have to seriously look at it. Moreover even conventional wines have an admissible percentage of defective bottles. For the moment with maybe a 2 per thousand occurrence, this wine is still way better than most.

I will send you a replacement bottle hoping to have better luck with it.


Dr Mic

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