Friday, December 14, 2007

Hi Michel,

We have enjoyed being members of the 'red only' club. However, we are becoming increasingly concerned about climate change issues and are seeking ways to reduce our own footprint. While we love opening the once a month package you've shipped us, we recognize the significant transportation impact to the environment. We've been having a big discussion about saving international wine experiences for special occasions. Then, we excitedly opened December's shipment, and were extremely disappointed at the Styrofoam packaging. What's up????

- Anna and Doug

I guess I should make a general email for this subject. During weather extremes, both hot and cold, my warehouse switches to Styrofoam following weather reports. While corrugated cardboard is our preference it has little if any insulating quality. It then becomes a choice of stopping the service or using Styrofoam to reduce greatly the chances of ruining the wines, which in itself would be a stupid loss for everyone and a possible damage to other goods!

Regarding the Wine Club, I am having the same thoughts myself. This is the reason why I chose to send 3 bottles instead of 2 like in many other wine clubs, but in terms of impact it would make more sense to send a full case 3 times a year! Given the durability of wine this is the way to go!

All the best

Dr Mic

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