Friday, October 19, 2007

Could you please verify that your organic wines are indeed pesticide-free? I've been doing some research in dealing with allergies and have found that a product being organic does not mean that it is pesticide-free, as there are several pesticides that are certified for use by certified organic farmers. I happen to have allergies to a couple of those pesticides.
Thank you in advance for your response.
Mrs. Hitt

As far as I know there are no synthetic chemicals authorized for use in organic growing in France. In the case of vineyards we are allowed to use Sulfur and Copper Sulfate which are 2 ancient mined products that do not qualify as "chemicals". Moreover they are working by contact which means they are carried away by the wind and washed out by rain. Do you have any specific name in mind?There are up to 300 products that can be chosen from in the conventional winemaking process and those could also create problems. With organic production you have none of that.
Dr Mic

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