Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dear Customer Service,

I wanted to let you know that my shipment arrived on the exact date I requested. Your new selective shipping date service works. Thank you!

There is something I would like to ask about the Bordeaux. When I opened it the cork had a stale smell. The wine also seemed to have the same, faint odor. Since I am hardly an expert on wine, even less so with organic wine, I wanted to know if this is typical for this particular wine. The taste of the wine was quite nice, though, (obviously the odor did not prevent me from trying the wine!) and it is mainly curiosity that causes me to inquire.

The shipment occurred during our brief heat wave and when it was delivered the box was warm and had most likely been riding around in a hot delivery truck all day. I don't know if this might have had an effect on the wine or not.

I haven't tried the white wine yet but will let you know when I do.

It's wonderful that you are promoting an organic product. As a consumer who chooses organic whenever possible, I am glad to have a resource for good wine.


Hello Cindy,

It is obviously a little difficult to talk about smells through an email but let’s see! The smell of the cork is not really indicative of the quality of the wine unless it is so off that the wine will probably be not good! Sometimes it has been wet on the outside part and may have molded a bit without affecting the wine. However the wine itself should definitely have a pleasant smell though it is possible that it needs a bit of time (hence the decanting) to open up and ‘relax’, particularly with wines having aged in oak barrels as is the case here. It is not infrequent that a wine smells and tastes better the following day! If the wine was pleasant on the palate it makes me think that this was the case here. A bottle would need to rest after a long trip (as we do) and to take its time to reveal itself (like a good conversation). It’s like you don’t rush on your visitor with questions after they just got through the door! Bordeaux Capucine ’03 is a great vintage and should be really satisfying. Anything less could be a bad bottle, you be the judge.

Your comment on the temperature refers to what I am saying above, the wine is not really changed, but a bit disturbed probably.

All the best in your future enjoyment.


Dr. Mic,

Thank you for the mini lesson on the care and handling of wine. The Chateau Moulin de Peyronin '03 was delightful to the last drop! I would not hesitate to recommend the wine and your service to others.

Again, thank you for your help and for providing a resource for organic wine.



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