Saturday, February 17, 2007


I am allergic to the sulfites in red wine. Are the wines low in sulfites, and are they sulfite free? I am pure Italian and grew up with wine at the dinner table every night. As you know, wine goes hand in hand with delicious Italian food.

If so, can you please recommend a bottle I can try.


All our wines have a minimal amount of sulfites in them as it is very difficult to do completely without !
We have a Muscadet without Sulfites and a dessert wine Cartagene also. And we have recently found a good red in France that wil be there in a few months.
However most sensitive people are very happy with our wines and discover that it is probably something else that bothers them in conventional wines! In any event we have thousand of clients in your case (my sister is highly sensitive too) and the consensus is there! Give them a try and I will refund you if you don’t find your happiness in our line! It is really up to your taste, you can find pleasure with the Venbtoux at $10, the Veronique at $14, the Cotes du Rhone Pouizin at $16, a Syrah Janiny at $19 etc.

Our wines are meant for the table and this is how we enjoy them ourselves!
All the best

Dr Mic

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