Sunday, July 09, 2006


on the last order I received the bottle of "NV Cartagene Prestige Vin de liqueur Bourguet" The cork was half way out (from pressure?) when I opened the box and some had spilled onto the other bottles and box. The other two bottles were perfect, just sticky. Please let me know, I assume I should not drink it.... What is the situation?



Hi Marty,

This is not an unusual situation in hot temperature weather. The wine simply expands and if there is little air space between the wine and the cork (which depends on the bottle format, the cork and the bottling) the pressure pushes the cork out. There is usually no bad consequence for the wine unless, of course, the cork has gone out completely! In the case of the Cartagene particularly, since there is a higher alcohol content, I would not worry at all, it should be as good as new!

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