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From: Robyn Garside Sunday, May 21, 2006
Subject: Shelf LIfe

Hi, Can you please let me know what is the shelf life of organic wine? And is there a preferred way to store the wine to maximise shelf life.
Thanks for your help.
Robyn Garside

PS. We really enjoyed our sample bottles of wine! Looking forward to receiving our next shipment.

There is no real difference between conventional and organic wine regarding their shelf like as long as they contain some added sulfites. Look in the Details of each Product on the website where I indicate the probable best time to consume each wine.
The type and style of wine, the varietal and vintage are more important factors in deciding when is the best time to drink a wine.
After opening the bottle though, a wine stopper which allows you to pump the air out will extend the consumption for a few days.
Another option is to use a few puffs of Nitrogen, a neutral gas that you can purchase in canisters in any decent wine store.
This will prevent the oxidation by separating the liquid from the oxygen in the air and can theoretically extend the life of the wine… for a long time. Putting the bottle in a cool place is fine, but the fridge will tend to flatten the remaining flavors! I personally keep my bottles in sight and I never throw away any for turning bad (I may do if I don’t like the wine though!)

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