Saturday, November 14, 2009


Good Afternoon, I enjoy my wine as much as the next person, unfortunately I suffer from a yeast allergy. Do you currently have any wines that are yeast free?

Hi Lucy,

Have you had problems while drinking wines in the past? And if so was it really possible to link them to the presence of yeasts?

The reason I am asking is that yeasts, while necessary to the making of wine itself, fall at the bottom of the vats and are raked when transferring wine to different containers. After that there is a process of fining which grabs every particle in suspension, followed by a tight filtration. Another filtration is performed right before bottling. Given the size of a yeast cell it is virtually impossible to find one left in a wine bottle unless the wine has been purposefully kept and bottled without these processes, a rare occurrence that is advertised on the label since it is considered a plus by a certain public.

With allergy however it is conceivable that minute parts of a broken down yeast cell wall be present in the wine and that its protein constituents would be enough to trigger some response. When it comes down to such sizes it is simply impossible to be affirmative. There are a thousand elements in a wine though and if one has a bad reaction while drinking a glass it is pretty challenging to know what he is responding to. Regarding yeasts organically grown wines will not fare any better than conventional since their presence and work is central to the transformation of grape juice into wine. But experience shows that in most cases adverse reactions are caused by chemical residues (herbicides, pesticides) that should not be there or at least can be avoided by drinking organic products. In all our years of experience we found very few people who were not happy with the level of integrity achieved by the wines we selected. However the ultimate judge will be your own physiology when you try one of them yourself.

Dr Mic


Aimee said...

I would like to follow this blog but don't see a link. It's reallly easy to add one if you want.

Kristi said...

I have the same problem with yeast, so that is promising to know that I can find wines that won't affect me.

I hope you will continue to post new articles and questions and answers about your wine in this blog. It's a great resource!