Monday, August 20, 2007

I always have to bring your messages from the "spam filter" file and move to my inbox. Not sure what can be done about that but I definitely want your emails. Is there something I need to do with my filter folks at GCI?

Also, if not for the cost of shipping, I would be ordering you wines. Sure wish you could use USPS.

Hope all is going well and please give my best to Veronique,

Hi Caroline,

Indeed it is illegal to ship wine with USPS! Have you looked up our free shipping offers?
The best way to beat the system is to order a full case for which you get the (relatively speaking) best price per bottle. And you can always make me an offer!

Generally spam filters have a feature like a white list where you can enter email addresses that you want to accept as senders. See if you can find that! The one I use for my newsletters is
Also filters often take out emails with HTML (code) content and/or images. Those are settings that you should be able to turn on and off to see what actually goes through. I have no spam filter beyond what my server does and I simply put in the junk folder the addresses I don’t want and that’s enough…

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Stephanie said...

I would like to suggest avoiding UPS, if possible. I have had nothing but trouble every time I use UPS to ship packages or receive them. I recently purchased some vegan wine and am eagerly awaiting my shipment. When I purcahsed the wine, the shipping information stating that my purcahse would be sent by FedEx Ground - 4 day. However, I now see that UPS was used and of course, my shipment will take much longer. According to UPS' website, my delivery has been "rescheduled" for a later date. This is not surprising given that UPS is never able to meet its deadlines, despite the fact that customers pay for delivery by a certain date. If you are able to determine the carrier, I would prefer that you use FedEx or even DHS.

Thank you and I look forward to trying the vegan wine I ordered.